Three Lighting Ideas For Kitchen Remodeling

When you do kitchen remodeling, please don’t forget pay attention to lighting system. Kitchen, whether small or big, it needs proper lighting. This area must have proper lighting system, either during the day or night. What can you do? Here are several ideas of kitchen remodeling lighting system ready to install!

kitchen remodeling lighting

Creating a bright and appealing atmosphere to kitchen space is not hard at all, homeowners can use a combination of lighting positioned in different areas. Use ceiling fixtures to illuminate island area or install under-cabinet lights so homeowners will be easier to work on countertop, this one of kitchen remodeling ideas.

Under-cabinet lighting

kitchen remodeling lighting

Work on countertops during the night will be easier if homeowners consider installing under-cabinet lights. Choose under-cabinet lights that will work well based on needs. Consider not to install the lights as next to the front of the cabinets, this trick helps reduce glare. Consider fluorescent light fixtures! They are the best one to bring the brightest light.

Ceiling Lighting

kitchen remodeling lighting

Don’t forget to install lighting system on the ceilings. On the breakfast area, install a chandelier and use recessed lights for the rest of the room or as an alternative, consider track lighting system. To give you more control over the brightness, consider installing dimmers in the lighting system.

Island lighting

kitchen remodeling lighting

Don’t forget to install lighting system in the kitchen island, especially if homeowners spend more time doing experiments. Consider installing two or three pendant lights complete with a dimmer switch feature, so working on the counter become more comfortable. Pendant lighting come on numerous choices, such as silver, pewter, nickel and much more. Besides pendant, consider installing a recessed lighting system. This option is proven effectively to light a kitchen island. As an alternative, use modern fluorescent light fixtures!

These are ideas of kitchen remodeling lighting. Illuminate three areas in the kitchen will make activities become easier. Don’t forget pay attention to natural lighting system by widen existing windows or build a skylight.

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