Let’s Pick the Best Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Do you know kitchen backsplash? Do you use it in your kitchen? How useful it is? Many people ignore the presence of the backsplash. In fact, this is very important. Kitchen backsplash design is installed near the stove so that when you fry something and the oil splashed the wall, your wall will not get damaged since you have installed the backsplash. Here we will guide you to put the best kitchen backsplash tiles for yours. There are things you need to know if you want to pick the backsplash.


Tips to Pick the Best Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

When you are about to apply kitchen backsplash tiles in your kitchen, you need to choose the one suitable for your kitchen. In choosing the tiles, you can match the colors with other things in your kitchen and you can also mix the materials. You need to choose one certain brand first. Then, you can mix the tiles in different colors and shades. There are some kitchen backsplashes finishes, such as brushed stainless steel, antique brass, and oil-rubbed bronze. Mix them up so it will look like there is beautiful gradation on it.


Next, when you are about to install kitchen backsplash tiles, you need to do so in a high-impact area which is the near or above stove. You can create or test imagination in arranging the tiles. You cannot only put the tiles in square. You can make the pattern inside the tiles. For example, you arrange the outer tiles design in square but the inner design is in diamond shape, triangle, love, or any funky glass tiles. It aims to make it as the centerpiece so when you or someone enters the kitchen, the tiles will be the center of attention.

When you install kitchen backsplash tiles on budget, you should be really selective or picky in choosing kitchen backsplash tiles brands. Of course you should not choose the expensive brand for the tiles. You can also get limited access to put any square pattern in your tiles. Thus, you can make the budget estimation first so you will not get lost. The budget estimation is very important and urgent. You need to do it in the very first thing before you buy the tiles.


Do you plan to order the kitchen backsplash tiles in your own design? Then there are kitchen backsplash elements you should never forget to ask to the suppliers or sellers. You should ask about the primary tile should be thicker than the colorful tiles, trim pieces should be in your consideration, and of course as them whether your order is in stock or not. These elements are important to ask because you also need certainty about your own order.

Choosing the types or materials of kitchen backsplash tiles is very important. You should bear in mind to choose the materials that are easy to clean. Actually, ceramic does not need complicated treatments because it is just the same like your floors. For the stainless steel tiles, you need to ask about the scratch possibility in certain treatments. For the bamboo and cork seal in the tiles, you need to ask about right and proper way to treat the tiles.


Why don’t you use the eco-based kitchen backsplash tiles? Bamboo can be chosen as the tiles. For example, cork kitchen backsplash tiles can be chosen because it is made of bamboo 100%. But if you want to choose the recycled glass as the material, it is also okay. This material is more durable and strong. The treatments are also easy. You only need to apply cleaning solution designed for any glass furniture. Then, just wipe the surface easily and regularly to get shining look.

Materials Used to Make Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

First, ceramic is the most used material of kitchen backsplash tiles. The price is $2-7 on each square foot. Some people admit that this material is very affordable and easy to search and install. You can find so many shops providing this material. The colors and designs are very various so you will not run out of choices. But actually, if you use too many various ceramics, it is not good because it will be more expensive and it is not ideal for the red zone, which is the zone splashed by the oil very often.


Next, porcelain is the second most favorite materials to make kitchen backsplash tiles. Porcelain is another type of ceramic but it is burnt in high temperature than other ceramics. Thus, it is denser. Porcelain is very good applied in the backsplash, wall, and floors. No need to worry about the cleaning treatment because it is also as easy cleaning the glass material. But you need to keep in mind that you need adhesive thing in installing the porcelain tiles so it will be good for the porcelain.

The third material is glass. You are very familiar with this material. It costs $7-30 each square foot. It depends on how complicated you wish for the kitchen backsplash tiles. The glass can be from the original or recycled product. Both of them are very good. This material is very easy to clean because you only need to spray the cleaning solution and wipe with clean cloth. But the installation could be expensive because the glass is very resistant to be broken.


The last one is cement. It may cost $9-17 on each square foot. Cement is very simple yet beautiful for making kitchen backsplash tiles. The price could be more expensive because the use is not as common as other types of tiles. When you install this material, make sure that you seal the layer so it will be secure for the layer. You need periodically reseal the layer again so it will last longer. These are the materials used to make the tiles. People commonly use the ceramic tiles because the price is more affordable and ceramics is very easy to find. You can discuss with your family the kind of tiles you need for your kitchen.

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