The Latest Granite Countertop Trends

Granite countertops already became one of the most important features in the kitchens for decades. As a favorite countertop, many homeowners have different desires. Many manufacturers are trying to reflect what buyers want and creating products based on the latest trends. Let’s find out the latest granite countertop trends often sought by homeowners around the world.

Homeowner’s personal style

granite countertop trends

Nowadays, more and more manufacturers offering granite countertops based on homeowner’s personal style, not a generic look. Many homeowners want bolder and dramatic designs as they like to experiment with vivid patterns, unique textures and bold colors. They do that to create a unique look for their kitchens.


granite countertop trends

Many homeowners prefer marble instead of granite. Marble countertops have dramatic veining and nice texture, but there are some drawbacks such as prone to staining and porous. As the development of technology, granite slabs have the same look as marble, something that homeowners want. So, no more reason not to pick granite countertops because these also have texture and veining like marble. There are granite countertops tips you must consider before buying one.

Popular color

granite countertop trends

Color is an aspect that a part of granite countertop trends. Although color trends also changing each year, many homeowners still looking for a cool and modern palette. There are three popular colors: white, gold and grays. White granite countertops chosen by homeowners who want the kitchen area to look open and spacious. Grays offer fresh look and complete any cabinet color. Gold color is one of granite countertop trends that gained popularity recently and thanks to its ability bring elegance and warmth into the kitchen.

No more straight lines

granite countertop trends

Homeowners more prefer for curved counters and surfaces, not only attracted to granite countertops in straight lines. The curve concept able to create a new focal point, make kitchen area feels more spacious.

Edge detail

granite countertop trends

This aspect also a part of granite countertop trends and there are a lot of choices about it. The most famous edge details are waterfall, bullnose, coves, bevel, dupont and chiseled.

These aspects are famous trends often found on granite countertops. Learn them all carefully before you buy one.

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