Kitchenaid Refrigerator Manual – All You Should Remember

Have you lost your kitchenaid refrigerator manual book? Well, this is bad news because the manual book have some guidances about how to maintenance for your kitchenaid superba refrigerator or any other model in order to make the performance stable and not quickly broken. But if you really have lost the manual book, then you need not worry too much. Why is that?

kitchenaid refrigerator manual book

1. First step you can do is check on refrigerator power cord. Make sure that cords are plugged in completely. If you are unsure, try to do a trial. Turn off refrigerator and remove power from outlet and plug clod alarm clock in it.

2. Do check on temperature controls located on upper right inside refrigerator. Try to do configuration settings to some temperature. Put air temperature gauge inside refrigerator and allow about 15 to 20 minutes. This is one way printed on kitchenaid refrigerator manual

3. If drawers and doors can’t be closed then try to remove food or drink containers. Maybe there is something makes it jammed.

4. If you have difficulties when want to open the door, then try taking a cloth dipped in soapy water then wipe existing gaskets around refrigerator. Why should clean the gaskets? Usually spills from food and drink can make gaskets become sticky.

5. The next step is do checks on wire shutoff arm, do this when ice maker not working and producing ice. If arm at up position, this means the ice maker is turned off and if you want to turn on, press arm on down position. This is one important thing you should remember from kitchenaid refrigerator manual.

6. In kitchenaid refrigerator manual book, If water dispenser and ice maker not working as it should then try to carry out checks on water supply valve, normally this will open. Just look at refrigerator back.

7. In order to maintain water dispenser quality then do replacement of kitchenaid refrigerator water filter regularly.

Those are some things related to kitchenaid refrigerator manual book

Hopefully some steps above can be overcome various kitchenaid refrigerator problems that you experienced. If you want to read kitchenaid refrigerator manual book, try to check the official site.

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