Kitchen Tile Ideas That You Can Apply

Tiles are one of the most important elements for kitchen, available in different of designs, materials, patterns and colors. Nowadays, more and more people choose natural stone due to its incredible features such as heat resistance and durability, other materials that also gain high popularity are: tin, copper, glass, porcelain, and ceramic.

kitchen tile ideas

There are so many kitchen tile ideas and some people love mixing up tile materials between features in the kitchen such as ceilings, countertops and floors in order to customize design.

1. Slate tiles become the best choice for kitchen floor. They have uneven surfaces and each tile made with different variations of color. This tile absolutely will add home value and in order to avoid potential flaking, you have to buy high-quality slate tiles.

The installation process is easy as ceramic or granite tiles, but after installation, it requires special sealing. Slate tile also needs a periodic maintenance.

2. Granite tiles become a great option to cover up kitchen countertops. These tiles are able to bring natural beauty, offer durability, strength and affordable prices. The best size to cover up countertops is the 12-inch squares and the installation is the same way as ceramic tiles.

3. What about ceiling and backsplash? Tin is one of kitchen tile ideas that perfectly able to cover the ceiling and backsplash. Ceiling with tin tiles are able to create a reflective design. Moreover, these tiles are available in different designs and work well for kitchen backsplash.

The installation process is so easy, which means, no requires for spacing or grouting. You can find tin tiles at local home improvement stores and online retailers, where you can find a variety of sizes, metal finishes and designs.

4. Decorative mosaic tiles also can be a great option for countertops and backsplash. These tiles are available in glass, travertine, marble, ceramic and porcelain, which means, each tile has different design effect, so does the maintenance and care, all based on the material.

These are one of kitchen tile ideas that can be a great option besides granite for countertops and tin for backsplash.

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