Get Kitchen Stools Match to Budget & Preference

There are many ways to beautify a kitchen island or counter and one of them is placing a stool. Nowadays, kitchen stools are available in a lot of options, which made of different materials too. They can be a great option to add extra seating.

kitchen stools

Long time ago, kitchen has one basic function only as a place to prepare food and cook. Now, its function is changing! More and more people love to hang out in the kitchen and that is the reason this room needs extra seating.

Since kitchen stools are available in a lot of options, you must choose the one that offer comfort to sit and fit your needs. How to pick the best stool for your kitchen and match to your decor style?

1. If you are looking stool for counter, please measure the height of your counter. Make sure there will be 10 inches of legroom space between the counter and the stool.

2. Prepare your budget! How much you are going to spend for kitchen stools? Start calculate your needs, maybe you must have at least two stools.

3. Do a short survey and visit a few stores around your area that match to budget. Consider also about the available styles. After taking a short survey, make a list of kitchen stools.

4. Make sure the stool offers comfort especially sit for long periods. Consider extra features such as armrests, back and cushion. Luckily, many modern kitchen stools are equipped with cushions as extra feature.

5. Important factors need to consider such as style, finish and style. For example, choose a stool to match the wood color of kitchen cabinets and wood finishes. Many options to choose, you can also choose a certain style that match to kitchen decor style.

6. Don’t hasty make a choice without consider the size factor. Kitchen stools are available in different sizes and choose the one that fit in to your kitchen space. Make sure the stool not taking too much space and movable to other rooms if not needed.

Before you decide a choice, learn carefully about the stools and the condition of your kitchen, especially the style factor. Find more references in magazine or browse on the internet.

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