Kitchen Renovations: The Pictures Of Before And After

Renovation is the best thing you can do for a new look. There are a lot of kitchen renovation ideas available on the internet, start from the cheapest to the most expensive, so prepare the budget before you start. Spend your valuable time to see kitchen renovations before and after in order to get more useful references.

cabinets kitchen renovations before and after

Repainting all cabinet surfaces is the first thing you should consider. Prepare sandpaper to sand and refinish rough surfaces before adding new paint or stain. Use a small paint roller to apply your favorite colors to upper and base of the cabinets.

draw layout kitchen renovations before and after

A quick way to get a major makeover is adding new cabinet doors. Paint or stain your old cabinet surfaces, but add new doors will look more perfect. Use creativity and play with color, create a nice color scheme. Decorate your old cabinets by buying two or three doors with glass fronts.

colors kitchen renovations before and after

How to create a real artistic touch? Consider combining your favorite finishes and colors. Prepare sandpaper to sand down wood cabinets and use two stains as one choice. For example, use light maple on two cabinets side by side and use cherry stain to third cabinet. Besides applying new stains, consider applying new paint to the upper and base cabinets in alternate colors. Consider the combination of copper and burgundy or hunter green and antique white.

finishes kitchen renovations before and after

After paying attention to the cabinets, take a peek to ‘kitchen renovations before and after’ for more useful references. Print out several pictures from the internet, the ones attract you especially regarding a new style for your kitchen. Find more images to help visualize your ideas.

new cabinet door kitchen renovations before and after

Prepare several pieces of paper and a pencil to draw a general plan of your kitchen. Use measuring tape and start measure the windows, doors, walls, counters and even appliances. Note everything you need and start drawing a layout. Use design software to draw a more formal plan. Bring your blueprint to architects and designers, let them complete it. Gather all the information and create a budget. Some jobs you can handle by yourself while the others need a professional. Well, that is good to cut down the budget. Visualize your ideas by looking at kitchen renovations before and after on the internet.

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