Kitchen Renovation On A Budget & Several Ideas

Get bored with your old kitchen space? Kitchen renovation is the best solution, so many available ideas on the internet, magazines and other sources. Many homeowners think renovation project need a big budget, but that assumption still disputable because the project can run with limited budget. There are many kitchen renovation ideas on a budget, such as:

Budget and list

kitchen renovation on a budget ideas

The first thing to do is setting up a budget and making a list. What is your primary need? How much money do you have? Cut the budget by taking renovation project as a DIY (Do It Yourself). Spend a time doing ‘research and compare’ by using internet to find out prices, information, etc.

Simple concept

kitchen renovation on a budget ideas

Since the budget limited, try focusing on simple concept. In this case, the cost won’t increase. Pay attention to the ceiling and existing lighting system, is it still on a good condition? If possible, remove the lighting system and primary color.


kitchen renovation on a budget ideas

You may start with the ceilings. Apply a neutral color such as white and replace existing lighting system. What should you choose? So many options available on the market, one of them is a plain rounded fixture. Be careful when shopping for new fixtures, don’t buy something with a shiny brass finish, go to lighting department for special pricing (if you lucky). Nowadays, more and more homeowners pick recessed lighting system.

Coat the walls

kitchen renovation on a budget ideas

If primary color on the walls is unattractive anymore, a new fresh color will boost the atmosphere. Choose a color based on mood or personality of homeowners, whether create a unified or contrast look.

Get rid of clutter

kitchen renovation on a budget ideas

The simplest renovation project is making the kitchen has a nice and clean appearance. In this matter, try getting rid of clutter things. Remove or throw away unnecessary items, make sure the countertops are clear and clean.

Finishing touches

kitchen renovation on a budget ideas

Complete the look by updating the window, try installing new window treatments based on the style of kitchen, do the same thing with cabinet such as install new doors, drawers, pulls and other hardware.

So many kitchen renovation ideas on a budget are available out there. Choose something based on the budget you have.

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