Kitchen Remodel And Lighting Ideas

Remodel a kitchen space is not a difficult project as long as the plan well prepared. There are many kitchen remodel ideas and one of them is lighting system. Keep focusing in this point will giving a new appearance to the kitchen space. Here are kitchen remodel and lighting ideas you can do!


island kitchen remodel lighting ideas

Appliances, cabinetry, countertops and cookware are the best elements in the kitchen, but don’t forget a kitchen island to add storage and countertop spaces. There are a lot features favored by homeowners, such as additional sink. If there is a remaining space in the kitchen, consider installing an island.

No need to build a permanent island, better consider a portable island because it’s easy to move. Installing a permanent island need a lot of considerations and can be a nice option to hanging pots and pans rack over it. Besides free up more storage space in the cabinets, kitchen will look harmonious.


windows kitchen remodel lighting ideas

One of kitchen remodel and lighting ideas is the windows. Large or extra windows in the kitchen will eliminate dark areas. Natural light get easier to come in. If there is no remaining space for extra or expand windows, consider installing a skylight as a smart alternative.

Suspended lighting

suspended kitchen remodel lighting ideas

This option is available in different shapes such as pendants and chandeliers, one of the best kitchen lighting ideas. Both are able to add style and elegance to the kitchen and illuminate specific areas more efficiently. Install pendants over a breakfast bar or island while chandeliers over a kitchen table.

Recessed lighting

recessed kitchen remodel lighting ideas

This lighting recessed into the ceiling and almost invisible, but it able to provide adequate illumination. The adjustable recessed lights become the most popular choice, easy to be angled to highlight certain spots.

Under-cabinet lighting

under cabinet kitchen remodel lighting ideas

This is the most important feature to ease kitchen tasks. Under-cabinet lights will illuminate the worktop that is overshadowed by upper cabinets. Popular task lightings for cabinets are strip, track and disc lights.

There are so many kitchen remodel and lighting ideas still unrevealed. However, the options above will be a great addition for any kitchen style.

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