Kitchen Design Categories That Ready To Apply

Kitchen is the most important room of a house and need a touch of design that represents homeowner’s personality. Many styles can give a striking change, this room not only serves as a place to cook and prepare food.

kitchen design

In recent years, kitchen design has been evolved into a place to relax or entertain with friends and family.

Kitchen design divides into several categories: casual and modern, but there are some themes ready for you to apply!

1. Many people love contemporary kitchen design inspired from sleek Scandinavian and Danish styles. Its main characteristics are stainless steel hardware and appliances, flat cabinets in lighter woods, a palette of black and silver perfectly integrate with an accent of red or white. Present modern impression by placing kitchen gadgets such as a coffee maker and microwave.

2. American people want a casual and country kitchen, and then American farm kitchen design becomes an ideal choice. This theme often combines with retro touches like cast iron cookware and enamelware. Rustic impression is really close with this theme, especially if you put a forged iron hardware, country cupboards and beadboard paneling. Design will become more complete by using primary colors such as yellow, blue and red.

3. Country has a similar theme with a farm kitchen design, but lack of rustic impression. However, this theme is very popular, thanks to its casual style, a perfect choice for busy families. Country kitchen design is really close with a particular motif such as sunflowers or apples.

Colors are really important and helps reinforce the theme, use a single solid color, such as yellow, green or red. Put a breakfast nook or build eat-in features to create a casual design.

4. Italian and French kitchens have high popularity. Not difficult to implement one of those two themes. Italian kitchen design is famous with rich dark woods combine with a grapevine motif or vegetable decorations such as eggplant and tomatoes. Meanwhile, French kitchen design is famous with rich woods like Mahogany and Cherry blend effortlessly with a built-in marble counter.

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