Kitchen Clocks for Different Themes, How to Choose One?

Kitchen clocks complete the design, an ideal accessory to gain maximum appearance and have attractive functions. Clock is an element to unify all design, so its function not only as a timer. Apparently, clocks are built in a variety of styles for a particular theme. Some people have a different view about a kitchen clock. Here are a few options to choose from!

kitchen clocks

1. Several kitchen appliances offer built-in clocks, a good idea because no need additional space anymore. Coffeemakers and microwaves are appliances equipped with digital clocks, giving the impression of modern and no need to hang a wall clock.

Digital clocks in appliances help save money, no need to set up a budget to buy a clock. It is a versatile standard feature, but has drawbacks. For people who have impaired eyesight, it’s difficult to read a built-in digital clock.

2. A wall-mounted clock is available in a choice of conventional and modern look. You can find this type in different materials such as metal frame, wooden or plastic. If you want a clock with artistic statement, choose the one built with abstract design (generally built with no frame and have unique designs such as forks, knives and spoons). Choose a clock suits to kitchen theme.

3. An antique clock is an ideal choice for kitchen with an old-world style. This type is usually made ??of wrought-iron or wood and a faux finish gives a touch of distressed appearance. If you don’t like antique clock made ??of wrought-iron or wood, choose the one made ??of metal or glass.

Choose kitchen clocks with Roman numerals to bring a more antique look, it’s a perfect choice rather than Arabic numbers. Antique clocks with European flair such as Tuscan or French give a different nuance.

4. A cuckoo clock doesn’t only give a whimsical touch to your kitchen, but totally unique appearance. An ideal choice if you want to build an old-world style with classic touch. Although this is consider as an ideal choice, the price is very expensive.

Kitchen clocks are available in a variety of styles and ready to complete a particular theme. So they don’t function as a timepiece only, but as a decorative element.

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