Kitchen Cabinets Based On A Budget

Every homeowner wants to have affordable kitchen cabinets that aren’t cheesy. However, it’s such as a mission impossible to find kitchen cabinets especially on a budget. Based on the experts, cabinets can eat up to 50% of your budget. Don’t be panic as there are options which can decrease your budget and getting an awesome look.

Kitchen cabinets on the market come in three types such as custom, semi-stock and stock. Each type has important variables such as finish, wood type, construction and quality. Let’s find out more the best kitchen cabinets on a budget!

Custom cabinets

kitchen cabinets budget

More and more people choose this option and available in any finish or color. People who want to have cabinets that fit their desires may choose it, but need some time to receive of your order. Several manufacturers build custom cabinets made of solid woods. To cut the price, asking the cabinetmaker to use engineered wood as the sides of the cabinets.

Semi-stock cabinets

kitchen cabinets budget

This option isn’t too different from custom cabinets, but it has the same standard sizes as stock cabinets. Buyers have right to make adjustment, especially the size. The side construction of semi-stock cabinets made from higher-quality plywood and solid wood fronts. Buyers have right to decide additional customizable pieces such as spice racks, appliance garages, pantries or plate racks. For longer cabinet life, select solid wood drawer construction and thicker plywood side construction. You must consider semi-stock kitchen cabinets based on a budget.

Stock cabinets

kitchen cabinets budget

Finding stock cabinets is easy and available in most home improvement stores. No need to make an order and waiting for couple weeks, you just select and pay! The base kitchen cabinets are 24.5″ deep and 34 1/2″ high meanwhile upper kitchen cabinets are 12″ deep and 30″ high. How to get stock kitchen cabinets on a budget? Well, wait for seasonal sales, sometimes there will be discount events to get cheap price.

So, what is your choice? All depends on the budget and desire. Choose the one that meet your primary objectives.

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