Kitchen Before & After Remodels: 8 Tips!

Remodel project is the best idea to bring a new look into the kitchen. However, this won’t be easy as there are many ideas out there, sometimes you feel get lost and don’t know what to do. Take a peek to the image of kitchen before and after remodel will give useful references. So, what will you do? We have eight tips you may consider.


island kitchen before and after remodels

Add an island! You will find it in many types and sizes. A movable cart for small kitchen while permanent island for large space. From the largest options available on the market, a custom island may fit your needs. Cover the surface with granite or quartz counter-tops.


New backsplash will be a nice focal point. Many materials can create an awesome backsplash, but choose natural stone tiles if you are looking for something unique. The natural tiles will bring elegance and luxury into the room.

Creative storage

update cupboard kitchen before and after remodels

Provide more storage to hold items. Use baskets, bins and bottles as creative storage. Place spices in the bottles and put them neatly.

Update cupboard

In many images of kitchen before and after remodel, there is a cupboard. In that case, the old cupboard get an update. A new painting technique will give a different look just like fresh item from the factory. Applying a new paint is easy and can be taken as a DIY project.

Maximum update

creative storage kitchen before and after remodels

Painting a new color to the old cupboard may less atractive. Consider maximum update by replacing the doors, old hardware and applying a thin veneer.

New sink

You may consider new sink and faucet if your budget is sufficient. Choose the ones made of stainless steel, a popular material that resists scratches and easy to maintain.

maximum update kitchen before and after remodels

New technology

Replace old kitchen gadgets with the new ones. Nowadays, many gadgets using new technology to save electric power. That means, you can lower monthly electric bills.

New floor

backsplash kitchen before and after remodels

Hardwood flooring will add elegance, as alternative you may consider laminate. Covering the floor with an area rug is a cheap idea.

Always spend your time to look at the images of kitchen before and after remodel for enriching references.

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