How to Install Sink Sprayer as Additional Feature

A sprayer hose is a helpful addition to enhance your kitchen sink performance. Incomplete kitchen if there is no sink sprayer because this feature helps to optimize performance and you will feel easy to wash large items or cleaning the sink sides. If you don’t have a kitchen sprayer, install it immediately. It’s easy to install and no need to call a professional. Read this article and you will know how to install it.

sink sprayer

1. Before buying a sprayer, check the sink in your kitchen, is there any support for a sprayer hose or not. Usually, on the side of the main faucet, you will find an extra hole and most sinks have an extra hole! You can use it as a sink sprayer attachment and that is why you should check your sink carefully.

If you have recently moving out and find a soap dispenser in the kitchen sink, you may remove it for the sprayer. Actually, the extra hole on the kitchen sinks has additional function and people use it for a soap dispenser. Besides, you need to check whether there is diverter connections on the water supply line, it is really important for the sprayer can work well.

2. After buying the sprayer and ready to install, you need to turn off the water supply to the faucet and leave it for a while until drain out.

3. If you find a soap dispenser, you need to remove it first. In this case, you need a basin wrench to remove the retaining nut. It’s not hard to remove it as long as you have a basin wrench, check out at home improvement stores around your city.

4. Prepare the shroud before you install the sprayer, you will use it for the sprayer hole then use a wrench to tighten the retaining nut for the best position.

5. The final step is connecting the sprayer hose with diverter connection. Turn on the water supply and test the sprayer, whether it can work normally or not. Please check back if you find a leak.

Those are five simple steps to install a sink sprayer without hire a professional. It’s very easy and fast, right?

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