How to Install Ikea Kitchen Doors on Cabinet

Everybody is familiar about Ikea, a Swedish furniture company which producing furnishings and their products scattered around the world. It’s a very famous brand. One of furnishings they created is cabinet which available as a DIY project (Do it yourself) where homeowners or consumers can install it by themselves.

ikea kitchen doors

Their products have a flat pack packaging and sold at affordable prices. If consumers have limited funds, it isn’t difficult to install it alone, just spend your leisure time and prepare necessary tools.

ikea kitchen doors

If you have made Ikea kitchen cabinet and looks worn out, no need to buy a new one. Simply replacing cabinet doors and it will look brand new! This is easiest and cheapest, even no need to buy special tools, use screwdrivers in your tool bag. So, how to replace Ikea kitchen doors?

  • The first step is open the old door on cabinet and find fixing hinges spot. You need to look closely!
  • After finding fixing hinges then you have to set up a screwdriver and remove the old cabinet doors. It’s not complicated to do this, use a screwdriver to remove two screws that are still attached. To loosen the door hinge, turn screws on counterclockwise. Do the same thing on bottom and top hinges. Don’t throw hinge attachment bracket, leave it in cabinet because we can use it later.
  • The next step is insert hinges into recesses exist on new cabinet doors. Automatically, hinges will push into pre-cut recesses, which is available at bottom or top door.
  • Install a new door to cabinet and place it again on hinge attachment bracket. Prepare a screwdriver and screws. Strengthen the screws by using a screwdriver and rotate clockwise. Now, Ikea kitchen doors have installed on cabinet but your task isn’t finish yet.
  • Make sure the door is properly installed on cabinet. Try to open or close the door. If it isn’t fit yet, you may strengthen or loosen hinge screws.

ikea kitchen doors

Ikea kitchen doors is an alternative for cabinet, no need to spend money and buy a new one because there are many doors available that might fit with your cabinet style.

how to install ikea hinges, can you use ikea doors on existing cabinets.

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