Inspiring Small Kitchen Design Pictures

Deciding a small kitchen design isn’t an easy job to do as many ideas available from many sources such as magazines, books and articles on the internet. Getting a nice result isn’t impossible as there are many inspiring small kitchen design pictures. Many common ideas you can apply, but here are popular ideas you can consider!

small kitchen design pictures

Bright colors

A small space will look awesome if you apply a bright and attractive color. Paint the walls and ceilings in light color based on kitchen style.

small kitchen design pictures


Windows become important feature in the small kitchens. Since kitchen need natural light during the day and night, clean up routinely and install sheer curtain. The windows must free of clutter, so natural light can get through without a problem. Install window film to protect your privacy.

small kitchen design pictures

Vertical space

Since small kitchens have limited space, be wise when selecting narrow kitchen units, especially the one in glazed doors. Use walls as storage space by installing shelving, etc.

small kitchen design pictures

Glossy units

Glossy kitchen units become popular choice, especially for small kitchens. They are able to reflect light and make small space appear wider. If you see small kitchen design pictures, these units dominate.

small kitchen design pictures

Diverse the materials

Small kitchen often lack of character, but you can trick this matter by choosing a different finish, especially the cabinetry, the base and wall units using different finishes.

small kitchen design pictures

Tall cabinets

Maximizing kitchen storage will be easier if you choose tall cabinets. Several manufacturers produce tall cabinets to fit need and desire.

small kitchen design pictures

Open shelves

Another popular idea is open shelves. In many small kitchen design pictures, open shelves often dominate and create open space. Many homeowners use this feature to show off collections or cookery books.

small kitchen design pictures

Small garden

A garden in the kitchen will create a fresh look. Is that possible? No need to create a large garden, use windows sill to put small plants. Consider growing small herbs such as oregano.

Spend a time to see small kitchen design pictures on the internet if you want to obtain more brilliant ideas.

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