Inspiring Pictures of Very Small Kitchen Design

A very small kitchen design is something that needs a proper plan. It’s highly different from a small kitchen design because the size is smaller. For people who have very small kitchen, they must see very small kitchen design pictures to gain ideas. So, they will know what to do and what to avoid.

Take advantage of wall space

very small kitchen design pictures

If there is no sufficient counter space, try taking advantage of wall space. You can build simple shelving and buy pot racks. Make simple shelving won’t need a big budget, go to hardware store and purchase long pieces of wood. If you don’t have a pair of skilled hands, buy ready-made shelving around $16-$20. Meanwhile, you can buy pot racks from $50-$100. Overall, you only need to prepare budget around $100 for a lot of storage space.

Extra storage

very small kitchen design pictures

A very small kitchen design needs extra storage just in case. There are many solutions you can do, such as hanging storage racks over cabinet or pantry doors. These racks are sold less than $20, available in various options. You can use every nook and cranny to install or hang storage racks. For example, take advantage of under the sink to store cleaning supplies and linens.

Movable work station

very small kitchen design pictures

A very small kitchen design often lack of countertop space. Overcome this problem by providing a movable island, it can serve as a portable work station. As an alternative, consider a folding cart. It can create an extra workspace near the stove and you can fold the cart after using it. The price of a movable island or a folding cart is various, less than $200. Include this item into the kitchen layout.

Uncluttered look

very small kitchen design pictures

If you take a look to very small kitchen design pictures, the important key is avoiding an uncluttered look. Don’t make the countertop looks busy and dirty, throw away garbage and unwanted items. A clean appearance is a must. Keep rarely-used appliances in a neat organizing. Often used appliances must be in front of cabinet or storage, so they are easy to find.

very small kitchen.

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