Inspiring Pictures of Small Kitchen Remodel

Many homeowners, especially women, want to remodel their small kitchens. There are many ways can be done to make small space seems larger and looking small kitchen remodel pictures will give pure inspiration. Here are the things you can do for small kitchen.

small kitchen remodel pictures

1. Since kitchen space is limited and small, consider L-shaped layout. This can be a good choice since it can provide a small breakfast table. L-shaped layout often becomes a nice choice for small kitchen and house to add space.

small kitchen remodel pictures

2. Dominate the space with a light color in every element, start from counters, walls, flooring and appliances. There is no secret anymore that light colors hold a huge role in creating a spacious illusion. All element must be in the same shade and don’t ever try to use dark colors as it can give a smaller look.

small kitchen remodel pictures

3. A microwave takes up so much space, especially if you put it on the counter. Consider putting it above the oven range. Nowadays, several manufacturers create microwaves that can be attached to the walls. These products can save a ton of valuable space.

small kitchen remodel pictures

4. When remodeling a small kitchen, there are many aspects must be handled and one of them is the cabinets. No need to spend money buy a new one, take a look at your basic need once more.

If the cabinets take so much space, you can replace them with something smaller. Consider deeper and taller shelves and install cabinets that fit well to the room and your basic needs. If you lack of ideas, check over small kitchen remodel pictures on the Internet.

small kitchen remodel pictures

5. Installing recessed lighting is one way to give a modern impression to your small kitchen. It’s a nice choice since no need to add a light fixture hanging below the ceiling.

Extra tips:

Before buying any new appliances, make sure to measure them all. Choose the one that fit with the room condition.

If five steps above can’t give you valuable information, go read 9 ways to start kitchen remodeling for newbie.

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