Inspiring Photos Of Small Kitchens

Nowadays, having a small kitchen isn’t something to worry about. There are several ideas to make small space appear larger. On the internet, there are so many small kitchens photos that can give inspiration. This article has useful tips and tricks you can try at home.

Mobile kitchen island

small kitchens photos

Small kitchen often lacks area to prepare and serve foods. Solve this problem with mobile kitchen island and homeowners can move it to another room after using. A mobile kitchen island has double functions and several homeowners use it as breakfast nook or dining area. There are many manufacturers produce islands with different features.

Utilize vertical space

small kitchens photos

Storage features sometimes become a hindrance for small spaces. Well, utilize vertical space to hang pots and pans, install a rack on the walls or mounted from the ceiling over the island. This trick will save more space in the cabinets, so there will be so many available spaces to store cutlery, ingredients and appliances.

Proper lighting system

small kitchens photos

If you take a look at small kitchens photos on the internet, lighting system become the most important feature. Three areas must have proper lighting: sink, stove and countertop. Proper light features on three areas above will create a spacious illusion despite you have small kitchen.

Functional cabinets

small kitchens photos

If the existing cabinets eating too much space, consider replace it. Choose cabinetry that fits in to small kitchen, not taking too much space. The new cabinets must functional and support your activities. Don’t forget to consider the color factor, choose cabinets covered in light colors instead dark.

Light colors

small kitchens photos

Most small kitchens photos use light colors, there are three popular color options: cool, neutral and white. Cool colors such as violet, green and light blue will bring less visual energy into the kitchen. They create a spacious and calm illusion. Neutral colors are white, gray and black, several designers taking brown into this category.

Neat appearance

mobile small kitchens photos

Most small kitchens photos on the internet have neat appearance. In this case, hide unwanted and unnecessary items. A clean and clean appearance will make small kitchens seem spacious.

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