10 Inspiring Photos Of Simple Kitchen Design

A simple kitchen design always becomes the best option, especially for small space and people who want to have modern or contemporary kitchens. A simple design only focuses on several things to create functionality. Usually, this design tries to avoid an untidy look and always appear clean. This article has a lot of simple kitchen design photos that can give useful ideas.

small space simple kitchen design photos

Do you want to get a new kitchen cabinet in affordable way? No need to buy one, there are tricks to make the old cabinet appears new. Refinish or repaint is the best option, so does with replacing drawer fronts and doors. Many manufacturers offer refinish service, a good option to renew your wood cabinets. Removing some doors will drastically change the cabinet and this trick will create an open feeling. Another choice is add tile or glass inserts into the old doors.

Refinish, repaint or remove the doors are not enough, try to change the hardware as well such as hinges, handles and knobs. These hardware are cheap, easy to install and available in a variety of option. If you pay attention to simple kitchen design photos, many homeowners add crown molding into their old cabinet layout to gain a classy and stylish look.

Besides the cabinets, pay a huge attention to countertops as well. Several countertops can be refinished or resurfaced to gain a new look. To boost the appearance of countertop, try to add a decorative backsplash. If your budget supports to buy new countertops, choose the one you like the most such as concrete, marble, granite or any other material.

What about appliances? Old and worn appliances may hurt the eyes of people who come inside the kitchen. Buy new appliances, especially energy-efficient models to save more electricity and cut monthly electricity cost. Pay attention to the size of appliances as well, small appliances will fit well to small kitchen, so vice versa.

To get a nice result, spend more time take a look simple kitchen design photos. This design only focuses on simple things such as cabinets, countertops and appliances. As an extra, paint a new color to the walls and ceilings also a nice option.

simple kitchen.

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