Inspiring Galley Kitchen Design Pictures

Be careful when deciding a galley kitchen design because some ideas can’t optimize the space. Be selective before applying an idea and make sure it supports need or desire. Some professionals often see galley kitchen design pictures on the magazine, books and internet for brilliant ideas and you can do the same thing too! Here are common ideas ready to apply!

galley kitchen design pictures

Bright room

Galley kitchen is famous for its narrow space, bring more light will make kitchen feel wider and bigger. Install three lighting fixtures: ambient lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting. Besides lighting system, galley kitchen must receive adequate natural light during the day and night. Add or expand windows, install skylight if possible.

galley kitchen design pictures

Glossy units

Be careful when choosing a finish! Glossy finish is the best choice to reflect light, making kitchen appear wider and spacious. Glossy available in two options: dark and light. Remove dark area with light colors. Apply glossy finish in light color to several kitchen elements such as cabinetry, island and the walls. Feel confused? Take a look to galley kitchen design pictures on the internet.

splash color galley kitchen design pictures

Splash color

The drawback of narrow space in galley kitchen is lack of personality. Overcome this problem by choosing kitchen units in a bright and attractive color. Kitchen units in a dark color create a bad effect, the space will look narrow and crowded. Bright and light color is a primary choice for small and galley kitchens. If you feel unsure, take a look galley kitchen design pictures on several sources.

simple galley kitchen design pictures

Simple look

Don’t pick ineffective layout! A nice layout must support the work triangle concept. Take away unneeded and useless items, store away rarely used items in the cabinet. Pay attention to the choice of kitchen units, choose the one in a bright color, do the same thing to walls and floors.

A nice galley kitchen design must receive an adequate lighting during the day and night since that will make a room feel roomy. Another trick you can try is floor installation. If you select tiles, laying them diagonally to create a wider look. Take a look galley kitchen design pictures for more references.

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