5 Simple Ingredients to Make Country Kitchens

Many people love to apply country style to their kitchens. No wonder, this is one of the best designs for kitchen. Actually, country kitchens fall into several types such as American Country, English Country, Tuscan and French Country. Applying a country style into the kitchen is easy and all you need is to keep the kitchen looks simple. Here are important ingredients to make country kitchens!

country kitchens

1. Change the look of your kitchen cabinets and paint it with traditional country colors. For the upper parts, use off-white, green, or blue with finishes such as distressed, pickled and crackle. Meanwhile for the lower, use dark green, red, espresso and brown. Replace the old hardware, better use simple knobs and cup-style pulls. In order to give a country touch, use a chopping block counter and give hand-painted tiles to the backsplash.

2. Most country kitchens have cafe-style curtains, but some homeowners use country curtains with mixed colors, toile, floral prints, gingham and ruffles. The best curtains must look simple and friendly. Meanwhile for the walls, use a neutral color.

country kitchens

3. Beautify the breakfast areas by hanging decorative plates and give a touch of art by using old fashioned kitchen items. Do not forget to give a different look to the sink and kitchen table by putting tied, pulled, woven and braided rugs, but it would be nice if you put handmade and textural rugs. In order to reinforce the country appeal, use handmade floor tiles and hardwood floors.

4. Most of country kitchens are using antique lighting fixtures and it’s easy to find them. For the table and counter, put a large vase of fresh garden flowers.

5. If you don’t have a table in the kitchen, purchase a farmhouse table with simple lines. Complete the table with comfortable wooden chairs and cover them with seat cushions made of quilt samples.

These are five simple steps you can do to build country kitchens. Applying all these steps are easy, you can start the project without a professional help.

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