Important Facts of IceStone Countertops

Kitchen countertops in the market are available in a variety of options. People not only pay attention to the product (material, color, pattern, etc), they also pay attention to the brand. Many manufacturers produce high quality countertops and one of them is IceStone. Have you ever heard about IceStone countertops? This manufacturer is well-known for its eco-friendly, green countertops. Their products are made out from recycled glass and also concrete.

IceStone countertops

The combination of cement and recycled creates a high performance material, but environment-friendly. It’s a good choice for people who want to create a green kitchen with a green countertop. This material combination not only works for counter surface, but also bar tops, bathroom vanities, table tops, interior walls and backsplashes. Beyond that, kitchen sinks also can be made with the combination of cement and recycled glass.

IceStone countertops

Flexibility is owned by IceStone, people can mount the surfaces horizontally or vertically based on desire. Recycled glass content on IceStone ranges from 70% – 75%, depending on product’s weight. As durable surfaces, the countertops contain no VOCs or volatile organic compounds. However, there are some recommendations to use no-VOC sealants or low-VOC sealants to IceStone countertops.

A water-based sealant also highly recommended such as Bulletproof Sealer, Buddy Rhodes National Look Sealer or Aquamix Penetrating Sealer. The sealant works as a protector, so if hot kettles placed on a countertop, the sealant will make sure the heat not damage the surface.

IceStone countertops

Never put a doubt to IceStone countertops, the manufacturer becomes the first and the only durable surface that able to achieve ‘Cradle to Cradle Certification’. Not only offer eco-friendly concept, but also safety for human health, environmental health and famous as a renewable energy. The installation cost around $100 to $125 per square foot.

Avoid an ammonia or bleach-based cleaner when cleaning up the surface as it may damage the protector, the sealant. Never let lemon juice, vinegar or acids stay on the surface for any length of time. They have a chance to damage the sealant. How to maintain IceStone countertops? Do a daily cleaning by creating a solution of water and mild soap.

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