Several Ideas You Can Use To Make a Nice Kitchen Layout

Kitchen is the heart of the house, so this room needs a special attention. If you want to build or revamp the kitchen area, there are many things you need to do. Besides making plan, prepare appliances and stuff, homeowners must learning about kitchen layout ideas, whether the U-shape, the galley and the L-shape.

1. Work Triangle

kitchen layout ideas

Before starting the project, consult with designers and architects about the work triangle concept. This is really important element and can increase ability to do all activities such as cooking preparation, cooking and cleaning.

Work triangle is a part of kitchen layout ideas and consists of three important features such as the sink, the range and the refrigerator. These features are located between countertops or two or three walls. If you want to move more efficient in the kitchen, make a small work triangle.

Place those three features in a position that isn’t too close, so there is enough space to move.

2. Layout Shapes

kitchen layout ideas

After deciding the best work triangle, the next step is preparing a kitchen design layout. There are so many kitchen layout ideas ready to apply, choose the one based on the condition of your kitchen. For a cramped space, consider a galley concept. Another concept you can choose is U -shape and L-shape.

3. The best spot

kitchen layout ideas

Accessibility is a part of kitchen layout ideas. When designing the kitchen layout, you know should prepare work triangle, but you should know where is the strategic place to put certain items. Sink is a part of work triangle elements, put this feature is exactly under a window is the best spot to bring pleasant feeling for prep and clean up. You can use this area for storage too.

Meanwhile, near entrance is the best spot for refrigerator. The range will look perfect if you put it near a kitchen island. This is a smart idea to bring more space to lay ingredients while you are cooking.

The placement of kitchen equipment is one of kitchen layout ideas and must be in a good position. Put frequently used items in an easy access position. For example, put cooking utensils, knives and blows near your prep station.

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