Ideas & Tips For Remodeling Small Kitchens

Don’t be too reckless when remodeling small kitchens! Once you make a mistake, the result will be so disappointed. Create and arrange a plan beforehand, several things you need to consider carefully. This article will expose some ideas and tips for remodeling small kitchens.

remodeling small kitchens

Bright colors

Avoid dark colors, you may know this trick as these colors create a crowded look and not recommended for a small kitchen. Light colors should dominate the space, not only on the walls and ceilings, but decorating materials too.

Expand the windows

Kitchen windows always become important element to create a spacious look. A wider window will help natural light easy to come inside the kitchen, remove dark spot and illuminate the room during the day. Consider a large and tall window for a roomy illusion and install sheer curtains.

doorway remodeling small kitchens

Widen the doorway

Although this may increase your budget, widening the doorway is the best thing you can do. When remodeling small kitchens, it is better to remove the door that separating kitchen with another room. This trick will open the room.

Small ones

Be wise when purchasing appliances and furniture, please think about the size first! Two concepts you must remember when buying the appliances and designing the furniture: small and retractable.

If you pay attention carefully, remodeling small kitchens is not hard at all. Here are some useful tips!

cabinet remodeling small kitchens

Make-over appliances

You will not able to replace all appliances with the new ones if the budget limited. For a new look, purchase a stainless steel-looking self-adhesive film to update important appliances such as dishwashers, ovens and fridges.

Light shade flooring

Light-colored flooring always becomes a nice choice for small kitchens. Choose solid colors or a large design if you choose linoleum or laminate flooring.

appliances remodeling small kitchens

More lighting

In this case, you are not only relying on lighting system, but natural lighting. Widening the kitchen windows and installing proper systems such as recessed lighting or track lighting.


Don’t have money for small, new cabinets? Consider staining or painting the cabinets in a light color.

light remodeling small kitchens

Sheer curtains

Pay attention to the windows when remodeling small kitchens, remove heavy draperies and install sheer curtains.

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