5 Ideas To Run A Blue Kitchen Decorating Project

There are many popular colors often used to decorate kitchen area and one of them is blue. Many homeowners use blue as a primary color scheme and thankfully, there are many blue kitchen decorating ideas available in this article.

Paint the walls

blue kitchen decorating ideas

The first thing can be done is painting the walls in blue color. However, be careful when selecting blue because this shade is available in a variety of options. Small kitchen is not recommended using a dark shade, better choose a very light shade of blue. As an alternative, you can paint the trim in a powder blue or bright turquoise blue.

Blue backsplash

blue kitchen decorating ideas

As one of blue kitchen decorating ideas, create backsplash in the same shade, whether using blue tiles or blue paint. Be careful when choosing a blue shade and make sure it works well with the other colors in the kitchen. If you want to make blue backsplash with paint, choose the one with a semi-gloss or gloss finish. If you want to make blue backsplash with tiles, consider glossy turquoise glass or white and blue Mexican talavera tiles.

Blue countertop

blue kitchen decorating ideas

Complete the look of blue kitchen with countertop in the same shade. Consider engineered stone, laminate and granite in blue color. All materials have different advantages and disadvantages, if you are looking for a high quality countertop, engineered stone is a top choice.

Blue appliances

blue kitchen decorating ideas

There are many ways to create an accent, consider buying small appliances such as microwaves, coffee makers, blenders and stand mixers in blue color. They will be a great addition to liven up kitchen area.

Blue cookware

blue kitchen decorating ideas

Another idea to decorate blue kitchen is buying cookware in blue color. Several manufacturers have pots and pans in blue color. Buy them to enrich the kitchen design.

There are many blue kitchen decorating ideas you can apply, but five ideas above are still affordable. If you have a big budget, consider buying stove and refrigerator in blue. Don’t forget to make a list to do, so you will be easier to run your plan perfectly.

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