Ideas of Design for Small Kitchens

Several people often ask about how to design a kitchen in a small space. The answers are easy. There are many factors need special attention in order to get a nice design. The kitchen designs for small kitchens can be done with these steps, such as:

1. Smaller appliances

kitchen designs for small kitchens

Replace big appliances with smaller ones. A microwave hood combination can be a nice option to maximizer counter space. In order to increase counter space, consider not to buy a wall oven and prefer the freestanding stove. Increase floor space by choosing 24″ deep refrigerator. Placing smaller appliances help you save more space.

2. Avoid clutter

Avoid clutter looks at the counter and store all small appliances after using. In this case, your kitchen needs storage such as cupboard, cabinets or drawers. A fundamental rule of kitchen designs for small kitchens is having a clean appearance and it helps the room appear more spacious. When revamping your kitchen, do not forget to ask the contractor to install drawers. If you have unused items, throw them away.

3. Proper lighting system

Every room needs a proper lighting system, so does small kitchen area. A good lighting system must be able to brighten the space and make the room appear larger. Install under-cabinet lighting, so you can prepare foods easily meanwhile you can pick spot lights as overhead lighting. If your kitchen has an island, finalize the appearance by hanging pendant fixtures.

4. Bright colors

kitchen designs for small kitchens

Bright or light color can be a good choice to cover the walls. You can apply it to counters and cabinets as well. Most of bright colors help reflect light, but to avoid boredom, combine them with darker colors to balance the lighter hues.

5. Mobile carts

Small kitchen often lacks of workspace, you can trick this problem with mobile carts to increase workspace. Nowadays, many vendors made mobile islands that can be moved out to another place if not needed anymore. A mobile island is a part of kitchen designs for small kitchens, offers different functions such as extra storage and eating area.

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