3 Ideas to Create Stone Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen must have a backsplash, an important component with a function to ward off liquid and food splatter. Backsplash is an easy-to-clean surface that able to beautify design. The best area to make backsplash is behind your sink and stovetop.

stone kitchen backsplash

Many kitchen backsplash ideas are written in magazines or articles and one of them is stone. Backsplash made ??of stone has a uniqueness and superiority, something different that make you crazy. Some people use stone backsplash as a border, right above countertops.

Stone kitchen backsplash has uniqueness, but depends on the type of material.

1. Granite is one of stones to create a kitchen backsplash, this stone formed into tiles, available in a variety of textures and colors. Make a beautiful pattern by selecting tiles in a variety of tones or a single color.

Granite also available in multitoned tiles that have a shiny and smooth surface, create unique visual texture. Select tiles with the appropriate shape and size of the design or kitchen area. Take the time to mix and match, creating a pattern or image that can enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

2. Another option to make stone kitchen backsplash is slate tiles. It is very different with granite tiles, especially lack of slight transparency and luster.

Even so, slate tiles have a lot of colors variation and real texture, both physically and visually. Slate backsplash in a kitchen matches with darker decor because the tiles are quite dark.

Make an unusual pattern, something unique. Take time to mix and match, if you want a beautiful backsplash, mix with matte glass tiles.

3. If you are looking for unique kitchen backsplash, choose fossil stone as the main material. This stone has an extra decorative element and you will see an image resembling fossils like shells, leaves or fish.

A kitchen that lacks a touch of decoration is perfect with fossil stone backsplash. It will work as a focal point without eliminate its main function.

Stone kitchen backsplash become the best answer for country or Tuscan kitchen. Choose one of three options above, all of them will complete the design and kitchen look more attractive.

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