How To Update Kitchen Cabinets On A Budget

Instead of buying new kitchen cabinets, consider updating your existing cabinets. No need to prepare a big budget to start this project, a small budget can do well. How to update kitchen cabinets on a budget? There are three ways can be done such as apply a new paint, install new hardware and use wallpaper.

New Paint

update kitchen cabinets on a budget

An inexpensive way to update existing cabinets is by applying a fresh paint on the surface. Since cabinets can be a central point in the kitchen, apply a new paint color will give a huge impact. Please be careful when selecting a color, choose the one that matches the rest of kitchen decor. Consider neutral colors if you are unsure to pick the best, this will help you not too dramatically change kitchen accessories.

Applying a new color on cabinets may sounds easy, but there are several procedures must be running first. Since you will update kitchen cabinets on a budget with your own hands, read references beforehand and visit where you will get useful information.

New Hardware

update kitchen cabinets on a budget

Another idea to update kitchen cabinets on a budget is installing new hardware. In this case, please remove old hardware on existing cabinets, whether the pulls and handles. Don’t forget to replace rusty hinges with decorative hinges. There are many ways to update cabinets on a budget, for example exposing the decorative hinges. Finding new cabinet hardware is not a hard task to do. Try to visit local hardware stores. Several manufacturers create cabinet hardware in different styles to fit kitchen theme.

Use wallpaper

update kitchen cabinets on a budget

How to update kitchen cabinets on a budget without using paint? As an alternative, consider using wallpaper. Use peel and stick wallpaper to create a new look. Nowadays, several manufacturers produce wallpaper in various patterns and colors. Choosing peel and stick wallpaper is a smart choice because it’s easy to install.

Removing the old doors and install new ones is a simple way to update kitchen cabinets on a budget. However, this idea needs a sufficient budget, but it won’t deplete your savings. So, what are you going to do?

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