How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets with DIY Style

Do you get bored with your kitchen cabinets because the appearance is not as attractive as it was? Then, you should repaint the cabinets so it will look better. What if you need refinish for the cabinets? Don’t worry because we provide ways of how to refinish kitchen cabinets. You do not need to call a pro because you can do it yourself. So, you need to pay attention on this article because we will discuss how to repaint kitchen cabinets. This will be a very fun activity. If you have a long weekend or any spare time, you can start the project.

DIY How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

There are ten steps you need to follow in this how to refinish kitchen cabinets article. The first thing you need is making planning on kitchen cabinet refinishing. Plan everything well before you start all steps, including the steps and tools you need for it. There are basic tools or devices you need to apply the refinish project, such as hand tools, masking tape, newspapers, drop cloth, paint stripper, and quality paint brushes. The hand tools include hammer, screw driver, scrapers, sanding blocks, sponges, and rags. Check them up in your box.

Then, when you are done with the planning on how to refinish kitchen cabinets, you can empty up the cabinets. Move all items inside it in any safe place, corner, or box. It aims to make you get easier in working with the project. Kitchen cabinet refinishing project will be easier if it is empty. Then, you can remove the doors and shelves of the cabinets one by one. This is the time you need the screw driver. This is also important to give labels on each part of the cabinet. It aims to give you easy access and short time in rearranging all parts.

Although this could be a minor project, but cleaning the hardware is also needed to get all parts of kitchen cabinets are clean. Prepare soapy water and soak the hardware for 30 minutes. Scrub them gently using a brush. Rinse them and let them dry by themselves. If you want to faster time, you can dry them using a clean cloth or tissue paper. In the ways how to refinish kitchen cabinets, you need to be wise to put the strip painted hardware in proper place. Make the liquid by inserting them in a crockpot and cover up with water.

This is an optional step but you can strip the cabinet. If only you want to get back the original wood look, you can apply the polyurethane finish on the cabinets. You can use strong chemicals and sanding process on this step. The result will be better. That is why the strong chemicals are suggested in this step. You need to make sure that you have chosen the right or proper finish for the cabinets. It will complete the project of how to refinish kitchen cabinets. The liquid strippers are fine but if you want to choose the gel or semi-paste, they are also good.

Then, wait for them until they dry completely. Now, this is the time for the putty area of the kitchen cabinets. Start the sanding step for this time smoothly. You can let it dry completely because it will not take too long time. Again, wipe away the wooden kitchen cabinets with a damp cloth. The aim is to make the grease and dust is gone completely then you will get the crystal clean look on the cabinet. Let them dry for minutes. This is another step of how to refinish kitchen cabinets.

This is the step you have been waiting for: painting how to refinish kitchen cabinets. Before you apply the paint you have planned, you need to paint the cabinets using the primer. Prime them gently and softly. The prime aims to make the layer on the next painting step become firmer. So, the new paint will bond easily with the prime. The best way to choose proper primer is to match it up with the paint you choose. If you choose latex paint, choose shellac primer but if you choose oil paint, you can choose oil primer.

You can start paint how to refinish kitchen cabinets. This is the main step in your project. To paint the cabinets and result on better look, you can choose the high quality brush. When you paint the surface, you need to brush the surface in one direction. It aims to make a neat look on your painting result. Don’t put it too thick in the coat. The light coating is better than the heavy layer. When you have done the painting step, you need to apply paint additives because it will reduce the strokes smoothly. If you want to re-vanish it, you can use the marine varnish.

That was the way how to refinish kitchen cabinets. You can do it yourself in your spare time or long weekend. Don’t forget when you have done the painting and varnishing, you need to allow them to dry. Avoid the direct contact to the sunlight because it will make the new paint fade away. Remember all the steps and you will get the steps very easy. You can read this article all over again before you start the project. You can cut the budget of painting if you can do it yourself. You can leave your questions on the provided box.

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