How to Start Kitchen Decorating on a Budget

How much money do you need to redecorate your lovely kitchen? In this matter, the answer is up to you. However, redecorate kitchen space doesn’t need to prepare big budget. A simple plan gives a huge change and it can be running on a budget. Many homeowners might not believe about it, here are several steps to start kitchen decorating on a budget!

Countertops and cabinets

kitchen decorating on a budget

Cabinets already become important furniture in the most of kitchen themes and painting a new color is the fastest way to get a new look. If you want to have airy kitchen, paint the cabinets in white or cream color. A place yellow cabinet help evoke a French Country look. Do you have a large kitchen and dare to experiment? Apply two different colors to the cabinets, one color on the upper and a different color on the lower.

Besides cabinets, another popular furnishing in the kitchen is countertops. Buy new countertops can be so expensive unless you have big budget. For kitchen decorating on a budget, you just need to replace the countertop surface. There are several choices in the market, but please don’t be too rush making a decision. Several countertop surfaces are expensive, especially concrete or stone. Since you are on a budget, laminate or butcher block can be a nice option.

Tile and flooring

kitchen decorating on a budget

Changing the flooring is another way gives a big impact to the kitchen and there are several affordable options you can take such as vinyl tiles and black-and-white checkered floor. If your kitchen already using tiles and remove them all can be so expensive, consider tile decals. They can create a new accent to the existing tiles and decals can be the pieces of metal or stickers to cover up ill-favoured tiles. The cheap is and just a few dollars to get a new look. This is a part of kitchen decorating on a budget.


kitchen decorating on a budget

One of kitchen decorating tips is replacing old accessories with something new and this can be a part of kitchen decorating on a budget. For example, right under the cabinets, you can install stainless shelves to store spices and jars. Replacing an old window curtain with a new one also creates a new fresh appearance in affordable way.

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