How To Start For A Kitchen Renovation

You need to change kitchen design after years doing a lot of cooking activities. Starting a kitchen renovation project is not hard to do, but not easy as well. Preparation is the important thing to do, homeowners often see kitchen renovation gallery to find ideas. Thanks to internet, many people only need browse through the ‘Google Image’ to see a ton of kitchen design pictures.

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What should you do after see all pictures? Finding ideas is easy, but sometimes you feel hard to start, right? Here are several things you need to prepare for a kitchen renovation project.

Prepare yourself

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You will feel inconvenience when starting kitchen remodel. Besides energy, time and money, you must prepare a replacement area to cook. Kitchen renovation may take up a lot of time, depend on your plan, a big overhaul will force you to prepare an alternative area to cook, wash dishes and flatware.

Discuss with the contractor

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Big overhaul projects need a good communication between homeowner and the contractor. Clarify everything to avoid miscommunication and don’t forget to discuss the payment. Show your ideas to the contractor and bring several images you get from kitchen renovation gallery.

The sorting

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You have to sort through your kitchen a week before the renovation can start. Eliminate unwanted items, especially never-used items. Prepare an area to store important stuff and rarely-used items. In this matter, you must also find a perfect area for the temporary kitchen.

Remove impermanent stuff

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Spend your valuable time to remove impermanent stuff such as light fixtures, shelves, blinds, curtains and wall hangings. The contractor will be easier to start his job and your valuable stuff won’t get any damage.

Protect your furniture

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Some homeowners paint their kitchens alone as a DIY project to cut the budget. If you want to do that, cover your furniture with a plastic drop cloth to avoid splash of paint. No need to do it if you plan to hire a contractor, you only need to tell them.

Temporary kitchen

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Find a perfect place in your house for a temporary kitchen and make sure it has available outlets. Since the kitchen is temporary, only place important stuff such as microwave, refrigerator and range. Wash dishes and everything in the bathroom, be sure not to outpour on the bathroom floor. People with a small house can use deck or patio for a temporary kitchen.

Find coupons

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You can eat outside such as restaurant or fast food if unwilling to build a temporary kitchen. However, you should find coupons to eat at affordable prices.

Keep communicating with the contractor and always see kitchen renovation gallery for more ideas. Come to the project area for a sudden inspection and make sure the contractor realize your ideas and desires.

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