How To Renovate Kitchen Area Easily?

How to renovate kitchen area? It’s a simple question with a lot of answers. Several homeowners often get stuck with this question. So, what are you going to do? All depends on need and desire, here are several possible ideas!

Deep Cleaning

renovate kitchen

Renovate kitchen space by remove useless appliances and empty out the cabinets. Make sure there is not useless item around the kitchen. Pay attention to the surface of kitchen flooring! Make sure there is no dirt sticking on the surface. Pour a spoonful of mild detergent into a pail of warm water and use damp cloth to mop the floor. Don’t use too much water if the floors are wooden.

Clean out the counters and appliances with a solution of white vinegar and warm water to remove dirt buildup. Focus to the areas of flooring where the appliances were, they have high levels of grease and dirt buildup.

Paint sprayer

renovate kitchen

Change the paint of walls using a paint sprayer. Protect the floor and everything near walls using plastic or masking tape to prevent paint from getting anywhere you don’t want. Once the primer paint is completely dry, apply two coat of paint. Still using a paint sprayer, apply first coat and wait until dry, then apply second coat. Be wiser when choosing a color and please consider the size of kitchen space.

Renew kitchen cabinets

renovate kitchen

If you have wood cabinets, prepare a sheet of 320-grit sandpaper to remove the existing stain or color. Once the sanding process is complete, apply a new paint or a polyurethane finish for a new look.

New appliances

renovate kitchen

If the old appliances in your kitchen are outdated, can’t work properly just like before, replace them with the new ones. No need to replace all appliances you have, only certain appliances that aren’t work properly.

New lights

renovate kitchen

Install new light bulbs to renovate kitchen, this trick will gives a different nuance. As alternative, add new lighting system such as pendant lighting over island or under cabinet lighting.

New floors

renovate kitchen

If the existing floors are worn out, replace them with new material. You must do it before moving in the new appliances.

Renovate kitchen area need a proper plan. All ideas above will help create a nice kitchen design.

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