How To Redoing A Kitchen On A Budget

Redoing a kitchen on a budget is easy if you have a well-prepared plan. No need to do a massive overhaul because a simple overhaul is more than enough and ready give a new touch. What can you do? The answer is easy! Here are several steps you can do.

Focus on cabinets

redoing a kitchen on a budget

Eliminate the dull appearance of your existing cabinets. Try applying a new fresh color, anything that may fit to the style of kitchen. Popular colors are black, cream or white, but picking another color is fine as long as meet your desire. Use certain painting technique to make your old cabinets look different from before.

Besides applying new colors, try changing the old hardware such as hinges, pulls and knobs. Many manufacturers produce cabinet and drawer hardware in various styles and materials, they are ready to give a fresh look. If your budget is extremely limited doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do. Spray the old hardware with a new color, this is a nice idea without spending a lot of money. Several colors you can pick such as brushed nickel, antiqued copper and black.

Walls and ceilings

redoing a kitchen on a budget

Redoing a kitchen on a budget is easy and the simplest thing everyone can do is applying new paint. A couple of paint cans won’t deplete your savings. Choose a color that may fit to your kitchen style. The color between walls and ceilings must complement each other. Do you feel unsure to pick a color? Ensure yourself by choosing a color that represents your mood. Painting the walls and ceilings is a DIY project and it means you can save more money without hiring a professional contractor.


redoing a kitchen on a budget

If your existing counters have a drab look, consider buying a new counter and the cheapest you can take is laminate. Even though the price is cheap, but you can paint the counters to look like granite. Before doing it, you have to clean and sand the counters. Use a faux finish technique to create the granite look and apply polyurethane as the last touch.

Redoing a kitchen on a budget is something easy, right? Make a proper plan beforehand.

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