How to Organize Pantry in your Kitchen

Never let your kitchen pantry storage disorganized, take your valuable time to organize it. Indeed, this activity will take up a lot of time but will give benefits. All items located on its place will allow you to take something become quicker without having to mess up the pantry.

organize pantry

What are the advantages to organize pantry in your kitchen? Easy to reach and can find most-wanted item at first glance, no need to dismantle the pantry and it’s really annoying because you have to set re-position.

Before organize pantry, make a plan beforehand. Decide which items you want to put, what should available and which ones should remove.

Take your time!

In order to get the best and satisfying result, take your free time. Make sure you don’t do anything except organize the pantry. This is a way to improve concentration and focus, so you know what to do.

Remove all items in the pantry then put them on dining table, island kitchen floor. Make sure the pantry is empty. After that, take a rag and soak it in a solution, clean the pantry. After that, leave a few minutes till dry. Now, you are ready to use it again.

Organizing all items!

Collect items you want to put into pantry. Set up all items based on group and you will do the same thing when put all the stuff into pantry.

organize pantry

Before going any further, check date expiration on some canned food products. It’s a necessity and you should do it all the time before organize pantry. To avoid unwanted things, before put canned food products, please note expiration date.

Extra containers!

Prepare a plastic container to keep everything neat, you can use it to store seasoning. This is a way to maintain seasoning quality to remain durable and free from moldy. Choose a medium or large container, adjust based on pantry size.

If you want to organize pantry in your kitchen, placing items that you often use on the front, while the rarely used on the back. In order to make you easy to reach, place the goods at medium or low position.

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