How Much the Cost of Small Kitchen Remodel?

When decorating small kitchen, there are only four aspects need special attention such as pantry, storage, built-ins and counter space.

small kitchen remodel cost

Maximize the kitchen floor space by placing deeper counters and avoid occupied with too many appliances. Besides counters, take a big attention to cabinets. Put deep cabinets near the dishwasher and large cabinets near the oven.

Then, how much is small kitchen remodel cost?

Placing built-in facilities in the kitchen is a great way to save more space. In this case, homeowners must have built-in ovens and microwaves plus storage feature for small appliances. Using built-in facilities will help maximize the space and cooking area appears less cluttered.

small kitchen remodel cost

Save more space by placing built-in storage for foods to make the room gets a cleaner look. As there are many available options, consider for waist-high especially sliding shelves that can hold toasters, mixers and small appliances.

Converting a closet as storage feature to hold infrequently used items such as pots or cutlery is a good way to reduce small kitchen remodel cost. Consider this option if there is no available space for a pantry in the kitchen and there is no need to build a new closet. Try using a closet outside the kitchen area if there is no left room, but if there is available space, consider installing roll out pantries.

small kitchen remodel cost

Placing a wire basket under the sink to hold frequently used items and trash bags or on the inside the cabinet, this trick helps increase the efficiency of small kitchen. Efficiency is the important key for small kitchen. To increase this aspect, no need a big budget since small cost can give a huge effect.

Small kitchen remodel cost could increase if you consider changing the sink and using a tile backsplash above the sink, stove and counters. Indeed, these two features can give a good effect, but try considers your budget first. How to estimate the cost of kitchen remodeling? That depends on the project and taste of you as a homeowner. A big overhaul indeed will take a lot of budget.

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