How To Maintain Granite Countertops

Many homeowners choose granite countertops for the kitchen, which are famous for their elegant looks. However, caring for them is a difficult task if you have an insufficient information on how to maintain granite countertops. If you want to keep the counters looking like a new one, there are five surefire tips can help maintain the stone.

how to maintain granite countertops

Seal the surface

Although consider as a hard stone and not porous, granite countertops still need a sealer. Why? It protects the surface against drips and spills so they don’t leave any stain. Granite surfaces need to re-seal periodically! Before doing so, read the instructions carefully to determine how often you should re-seal!

Clean up quickly

Clean up any spill or drip as quickly as possible! There are several substances can stain the surface if they are sitting on it too long, for example wine, coffee, soda, oils and even fruit juices. Go wipe away with soft cloth to prevent damage.

how to maintain granite countertops

Safe cleaners

When cleaning up granite countertops, avoid harsh cleansing products such as bleach, ammonia and abrasive cleansers. Some homemade acidic natural cleansers such as lemon juice or vinegar could damage the stone surface. How to maintain granite countertops? Use a solution of mild dish soap and warm water with a microfiber cloth or soft sponge to clean up the surface.

Daily protection

Granite is known as a durable stone and extremely hard surface, but experts recommend homeowners to use a cutting board when chopping food to avoid damage. Never stand or sit on it. Exposed to too much heat will damage the surface too. Never put hot cookware directly on countertop, this can cause scratches. Although there is a certain method to repair scratches, better perform prevention before it’s too late.

how to maintain granite countertops

Less clutter

How to maintain granite countertops? The simple way is never put too much heavy stuff on the surface. Experts also recommend homeowners not to store vinegar or oil bottles on the surface because any spills can stain and leave damage. In this case, make sure the countertop free from clutter.

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