How To Do Kitchen Renovation On A Budget

How much money need you prepare to renovate kitchen area? Renovation is ready to start without need to prepare a big budget! What kind of kitchen renovation on a budget can you do?

New paint

kitchen renovation on a budget

The fastest way to transform the look of your kitchen is painting the cabinets. However, giving a new fresh color to cabinet is not easy because it needs to be sanded down first and get a couple of coats of fresh color. Whatever the material of cabinets is, don’t forget to sand them.

Sanding is useful to remove grease and dirt. For wood cabinets, please fill any dents or nicks before applying a coat of primer. Protect the finish and paint by applying a layer of clear polyurethane.

Replace the Hardware

kitchen renovation on a budget

Since cabinets already become a striking furnishing in the kitchen, replace the hardware is another nice option besides applying a new fresh color. Give a modern look to cabinets by choosing a brushed nickel finish or get a country look by choosing distressed copper.

Replacing cabinet hardware can be taken as a DIY project. As a kitchen renovation on a budget, all you need is a screwdriver to remove the existing hardware. New kitchen hardware is available at many home improvement stores or online stores. For a less expensive option, consider looking in stock hardware.

New countertops

kitchen renovation on a budget

In this case, no need to spend money for new countertops. There are several ways to give a new look to the counter and one of kitchen renovation tips is applying a new fresh color. Before applying a coat of paint, please sand the countertops first. When the surface is clear and clean, give a coat of primer and wait until dry. Finally, apply a couple of coats of latex paint and a faux finish.

The walls

kitchen renovation on a budget

The last trick of kitchen renovation on a budget is to updating the walls. Many ways can be done, such as applying a new fresh color, wallpaper or wallpaper border. Do not hesitate to use creativity and get more ideas you can do to the walls by seeing all kitchen images on the internet.

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