How to Get a Paper Catalog of IKEA Cabinets

If someone looking for a kitchen cabinet, she must consider IKEA. This brand Swedish company already produce a lot of well-designed home furnishings, includes the cabinets. IKEA has a long experience in home furnishings industry, when it was established in the 1940s, the company focused on many aspects, started producing inexpensive products in good quality.

IKEA kitchen cabinets

All products are available in different of prices, styles and sizes, all trying to meet customers need. In modern era, IKEA offers cabinets in clean lines concept and they are not trying to forget other styles too.

Getting one of IKEA products is not difficult anymore as the company has a lot of stores spread in several countries. Moreover, people are now easier to see all IKEA kitchen cabinets with online access or Internet. To coddle all potential customers, IKEA also offer a free paper catalog of kitchen cabinets. How to get one?

IKEA kitchen cabinets

1. To get the catalog, you must visit IKEA’s online catalog. The first thing if you want to have a printed catalog sent to your home is by signing up. Go to and fill up all empty columns: name, address and ZIP code.

2. Fill up all empty columns based on your ID card and click “Submit” button.

3. After receiving confirmation, IKEA will send a free paper catalog of kitchen cabinets directly to your home. Now, all you need is waiting. IKEA will send catalog about their new products in 2014 and if lucky, you will get sneak previews of new products in 2015.

IKEA kitchen cabinets

If printed catalog is not the best answer for you, consider digital catalog which can be received faster by email. IKEA will send new digital catalog directly to your email account, but this action requires customer to sign up first. Read anywhere and anytime, all you need is Smartphone and Tablet with PDF application.

Digital catalog is the fastest way to get notification of new products and prices. If lucky, IKEA will also send notification of special events where customers can get kitchen cabinets in special prices.

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