How To Estimate Kitchen Cabinets

Nowadays, any kitchen design can’t escape from cabinets. Based on many cases, kitchen cabinets will take a half of budget and consider as the most expensive item. Many manufacturers produce cabinets in various options, but there are three groups: RTA (Ready to Assemble), Semi-custom and Custom. Estimates the price of kitchen cabinets may vary.


kitchen cabinets estimates

The first popular choice is stock cabinets or Ready to Assemble (RTA), available in different finishes, shapes and styles. Several products on the market depend on the shape and size of your kitchen. Basic kitchen cabinets for a 10×12-foot kitchen space may start approximately at $4,000 to $5,000, and may be higher excluding countertops and installation.


custom kitchen cabinets estimates

The semi-cabinets may fit with needs and desires, after you place your order, the manufacturer will build your cabinets. Estimates the price of semi-custom kitchen cabinets is beyond the cost of stock. The price may start at $8,000 to $10,000. Extra features will double the cost, so be wise.

Custom-made cabinets

semi kitchen cabinets estimates

This is the most expensive options rather than stock or semi-custom cabinets. You have a full control to decide a specific design based on desires and needs. Estimates the price of custom-made kitchen cabinets can cost four times stock cabinets, approximately $16,000 to $20,000 or higher excluding installation and countertops.

Here are several available options ready to beautify your kitchen space.

Unassembled Tuscany Shaker Merlot Kitchen

Good quality product consists of maple cabinet faces, plywood cabinet boxes and solid wood doors. The best feature is the cam locks. The price is not too pricey, approximately $1,800 and free shipping if purchase directly from Amazon.

Unassembled 11 Wall and Base Cabinets in Vintage Merlot

Complete cabinets for people who want to have a busy kitchen. The cabinets made of wood with A grade plywood boxes. The price is around $2,327, but free shipping. Go check out at

Unassembled Melamine and Particle Board Cabinets

This is the best choice of IKEA products. The price may expensive (approximately $4,570), but there are many features will cheer you up such as sinks, faucets and worktops.

Estimates the price of kitchen cabinets depend on desires and needs. Use the kitchen cabinet price calculator to learn how much money should be prepared.

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