How To Determine Finished Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners prefer unfinished cabinets for several reasons because they can apply a certain color or stain. Indeed, there are many finished kitchen cabinets available on the market that doesn’t meet desire. Apply a certain finish on the cabinet, whether new or old isn’t difficult. Everybody can do it with very simple steps. Two styles of finished kitchen cabinets are easy to do, paint or stain.

How to apply paint or stain?

finished kitchen cabinets

The cabinets must be well-prepared. Use sandpaper to remove the existing paint or stain on old cabinets, avoid this action if you already have the unfinished kitchen cabinets. Be careful when removing paint or stain with sandpaper, avoid sanding across the grain since this cause scratches and will visible until the finish applied on the surface. Clean off the surface from any dust created by sanding with a soft cloth or a brush.


finished kitchen cabinets

For the best painting result, apply a new paint in the direction of the grain of the wood cabinets to create unique pattern. Apply the new paint to the surface of cabinets in thin lining. Create a desired look isn’t difficult and don’t be afraid experiment with multiple colors of paint. As the base coat, choose between a dark or light color. Create a unique look by using a sea sponge. How to do it? Dip the sponge in the second layer color and pat it carefully on the surface. Besides a sea sponge, a wad of newspaper can do the same thing too.


finished kitchen cabinets

Finished kitchen cabinets not only dominated in various colors. Staining kitchen cabinets offer something different, select the one fit in on the existing decor and decide the method of application. Use a soft cloth to apply a thin lining of stain on the cabinets with a circular motion, apply the first coat of finish in the direction of the grain. Before applying a certain stain product, please reading carefully on the label.

Finished kitchen cabinets done with two ways: paint or stain. Choose the one based on desire and style of kitchen.

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