How to Design a Kitchen Online for Free?

How to design a kitchen online for free? Many ways homeowners can do when designing their kitchens and the most important thing is preparing a plan and scratch design. Making a scratch design is easy, even for beginners. Try to use a kitchen design tool that available for free.

design a kitchen online free

There are so many sites offer kitchen online for free, but the best one is Sweet Home 3D. This site offers 3D feature. How to use the service?

design a kitchen online free

1. Open web browser and type on the address. Spend a time to create an account in order to save the work project for later. However, you can skip this project. It’s up to you.

2. On the top menu, click ‘Online’ tab. The software will load and it takes a couple minute.

3. When software is open, the first thing is creating the walls. Make sure you already take measurements and have dimensions for your future kitchen. Click the wall button to create the walls.

4. Use the directional tools at the top menu to add appliances or rearrange. The kitchen design will appear in 3D view.

5. Now, you can do something to the design. Don’t forget to save your work regularly, that’s why you need to make an account.

Design a kitchen online for free become easier if there are many ideas showing up on your mind. However, looking for an idea is not an easy case, but searching for ideas will be easier if you spend a time to visit four sites below!

design a kitchen online free


A popular website contains a lot of kitchen images and most of them ready to give inspiration.


Besides looking furniture for kitchen, this website ready to give huge inspirations. Visitors can use online kitchen decor for free.


Get everything you need in here! The website also gives valuable information and visitors can determine the budget to start renovation project.


In this website, homeowners can learn everything from the articles and videos. The website also allows their visitors to add videos and articles.

Design a kitchen online for free is not only owned by as there are many several website offer the same service too such as Merillat, SmartDraw, etc.

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