How To Change Kitchen Countertops

Changing kitchen countertops is an easy way having a new look. However, this won’t be easy as it sounds because there are several steps you must do carefully. Then, how to change kitchen countertops and bring a new atmosphere?

Measure the countertop

change kitchen countertops

Before spending money for a new countertop, please measure the existing countertop in your kitchen. Grab a tape measure to gauge a new counter you need, especially the length and width. Write down all measurement you have done on a sheet of paper, don’t forget to sketch a small diagram. Before buying new countertop, make sure the sink area gets pre-cut according to the diagram.

Turn off the water supply valve

change kitchen countertops

Before removing the countertop, you have to turn off the water supply valve. Do the same thing to the drain line and water supply line.

Remove the countertop

change kitchen countertops

How to change kitchen countertops? First, remove the existing countertop. Prepare a utility knife to cut off the caulk around the edges of countertop and the sink. On several cases, there will be sink clips and detach them all will completely remove the sink. Lift the countertop won’t be easy, ask someone to help you.

Install the new countertop

change kitchen countertops

Before placing the new countertop, squeezing caulk along the top frame of the counter. Prepare some screws and the screwdriver drill bit to install the new countertop on its place. If the countertop already has an opening pre-cut, so you will be easier to install countertop and pair it with the sink. If the sink completely fit with the countertop, so try reconnect the water supply valves and drain lines.

Changing countertops is one of kitchen renovation ideas. Everyone, even an inexperienced homeowner can remove the old countertop and install a new one. There are several materials can be chosen, you can choose something that fits your budget. If you are asking how to change kitchen countertops, all steps above will give a good guidance. For an inexperienced homeowner, consider hiring a professional constructor for the best result.

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