Hottest Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For 2013

Do you want to remodel your old kitchen space? There are many ideas available, start from the simplest to the most complex, the cheapest to the expensive. Similar as fashion, kitchen also follow trends that always changing every year. There are several hottest kitchen remodeling ideas for 2013.

Update kitchen cabinets

kitchen remodeling ideas 2013

Buying new cabinets isn’t an option. Save more money by updating the existing one in the kitchen and it is able to give a fresh look. How to do it? There are many ways such as remove doors, hardware, knobs, pulls and reface. Nowadays, many manufacturers offering cabinet reface service, be careful when making a choice. Select something simple and sleek. A professional kitchen designer recommends a clean, simple contemporary look, remove unnecessary clutter and fussy details on the surface. This option will make cabinets more manageable and easier to clean.

Solid and quartz countertops

kitchen remodeling ideas 2013

Replace your old countertop with the new one. What is the best material? Consider quartz since this option is really famous for its durability. As one of kitchen remodeling ideas for 2013, quartz has high popularity because less fussy patterning rather than granite material. As alternative, pick concrete countertops. There are many reasons such as easy customizable and eye-catching.

Hardwood floors

kitchen remodeling ideas 2013

What is the best flooring option? Many experts recommend hardwood floors as one of the hottest kitchen remodeling ideas for 2013 although need a lot of time for installation and maintenance. As alternative, consider hardwood-looking floors or engineered wood flooring, easy to install and durable. Porcelain tile that looks like wood is also a popular choice.

Choose stylish sink

kitchen remodeling ideas 2013

What is the best sink for 2013? Pick deep bowl sink! This sink is the best solution to accommodate large pans and pots. Select the one made of stainless steel, built with high durability, flexibility, fit in different styles, either traditional or modern.

Multipurpose appliances

kitchen remodeling ideas 2013

Many manufacturers produce multipurpose appliances, a benefit for homeowners to save money since a certain appliance can do two different tasks. As one of kitchen remodeling ideas for 2013, multipurpose appliances made of stainless steel, present a modern and contemporary look.

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