Hell’s kitchen as a must-see TV program

Cooking is a fun and challenging activity, both men and women love it. Nowadays, chef is a reputable job and gets a position with a higher level, good prospect for fortune. A chef is like an artist, but all about visual and taste. A cuisine doesn’t only to have a great taste, but also a good presentation or plating.

Hell’s kitchen

Since there are many people get obsessed to be a chef, but they don’t know what to do, go watch Hell’s Kitchen! What is that? Well, Hell’s Kitchen is a cooking competition wrapped in a concept of reality show. It’s very popular and gain high audience ratings in America and U.K.

This TV program is hosted by Gordon Ramsay, a famous British celebrity chef and aired by Fox. Before it was airing in America, Hell’s Kitchen already gained a high popularity in U.K. The US version is similar with U.K version, there is no differ, Chef Gordon Ramsay has a sole discretion to eliminates 18 contestants and choose a contestant as a winner after going through all cooking challenges.

The winner has an opportunity to claim the prize and he/she can be the head chef of a high-end restaurant. The contestants are coming from various backgrounds and don’t have to be from culinary arts. They are brought to the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant facility that located in Los Angeles, where they are going to compete and live in dorms during the series are held. In the competition, all contestants must show their skills in front of the judges. Create their own signature dish and bring them to Ramsay for final judging.

Let’s talk the grand prize, the winner not only claim the head chef of a high-end restaurant. In different seasons, for instance in Season 1, the winner claimed an investment capital to start a restaurant or one year contract to work with Gordon Ramsay. The prize for season 2 was a little bit different, the winner claimed a cash prize of $250,000 or took a head or executive chef position at a famous restaurant, whether in one of Ramsay’s restaurants, resort or hotel.

Meanwhile, in Season 5, the winner claimed all grand prize position and so does the cash prize of $250,000. Hell’s Kitchen is really famous cooking competition ever. Hell’s Kitchen is really famous cooking competition, a must-see TV program for people who have a big passion in cooking.

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