Having a Perfect Kitchen with Oak Kitchen Cabinets Inside

Warmth and comfortable kitchen is what the women actually want. They can comfortably prepare some foods and beverages. It is necessary to involve wood materials for the kitchen furnishing or decorating. If you consider oak for the natural accents in your kitchen, it is better for you to have some of these Oak kitchen cabinets. The cabinets will withstand for a long time. It starts many years ago and will be a great choice for many years later.

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Why You Should Choose Oak Kitchen Cabinets

The most common materials for the Oak kitchen cabinets are red oak. It is an excellent hardwood which offers light and medium brown colors. Even, some oaks are with reddish tone. These available color choices are neutral to be combined with any other colored or patterned kitchen elements. It will be great to work with any countertop, backsplash, flooring, lighting and some decorative items. For example, a reddish Oak kitchen cabinets refinishing with a black countertop and tiled backsplash in brownish tones present a perfect aesthetic appeal. With the addition of some greens on the cabinet or island, the kitchen atmosphere is balanced.

Oak kitchen cabinets are able to give you a surprising appearance of your kitchen. However, it is more surprising that oak is affordable. Being compared to some other wood materials, such as cherry or maple, oak is less expensive. This economical option helps you to manage your budget in designing your best kitchen interior. You can allocate remaining budget on employing some other pieces of furniture, such as island and stools or chairs, kitchen appliances, some accessories and some decorative items, such as painting, wallpaper, mural, artworks, photos, plants and lighting. Even, you may still have a budget to perfect the electrical or even media installation. Imagine how comfortable your kitchen will be! (Characteristics, Layouts and Decors of Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets)


Besides, Oak kitchen cabinets can also be finished in various styles. Keep the oak in its natural look is simple yet interesting. As previously mentioned, you can have a nice presentation of light wood, dark wood, or even reddish wood. However, you can also cover it to have a new and better look. Painting oak kitchen cabinets is always interesting. Some modern kitchens are completed with black or white painting because it is easy for the owner to add and to combine some more elements. Oak kitchen cabinets painted white and black are excellent, indeed. Another option is finishing the cabinets by using liming. Then, you should also give more attention to the knobs and handles because they extend the finishing.

Various Types of Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Based on the design and sizes, there are some types of Oak kitchen cabinets that you can have to complete your kitchen furnishing. It starts from the base, wall, full height, corner, and specialist cabinets, adapted from deTerra kitchen. You can combine those cabinets in various designs and sizes to meet your need of storing things. For more storage space, the full height design can be suitable for you. Smart corner cabinets can also help you maximize the space you have. Pay attention to the corner spot and don’t waste any space! Then, if you have special needs of storage, some custom cabinets are also available in some unique shapes and partitions.


For a modern kitchen interior, sleek dark Oak kitchen cabinets can be employed. They are finished with some copper knobs and handles. Designed in L-shaped layout, the owner has excellent workflow. The kitchen is also with island which is featured with dramatic red stools. The purposes of food preparation and entertaining are covered with this dining extension. Then, for a clean look, glossy white countertop is invited. Some artworks, decorative vases, greeneries, and pendant lamps are employed to complete the interior decoration. Then, ample windows are supporting with bright natural lighting accentuating the interior presentation.

Contemporary style kitchen interior prefers having bright nuance than dark one. It is supported with a bunch of white accents. For the furnishing, light Oak kitchen cabinets are employed. They are finished with pure white countertop in glossy finishing. Tiled backsplash is installed. Neutral tones are presented to match with the oak wood furnishing and white countertop. Open plan design is applied with the L-shaped kitchen with island directly connected to dining space and living room. This contemporary kitchen is also supported with bright natural lighting coming through some ample windows. Minimalist decoration is only supported with flower on cabinet and fruit on island.


From both of those exemplary Oak kitchen cabinets, you can understand that oak wood is preferable because it is versatile. It can be combined with any other elements inside the room. It can also be designed for any interior style, from the classic, modern, transitional, and contemporary. The more interesting is that, it does not bother you because its natural presentation from the light to the dark wood is already stunning. Polishing it is enough and you do not need to pay more money for a new painting or liming.

How to Maintain Oak Kitchen Cabinets

In order to clean your Oak kitchen cabinets and to make them shiny, you can use any cleaning and dusting products. They have chemicals that help you have a new look oak cabinets. However, it is important to understand that routine cleaning with these products will damage your cabinets finishing. So, what can you do?


You will not need Oak kitchen cabinets makeover to make them look new and always new. You can make a DIY product to clean them. If you have the following finishes of your Oak kitchen cabinets, such as sealed, varnish covered, or polyurethane covered cabinets, you can simply use oil to make them shiny. Before you use the oil, you need to clean the cabinets by wiping them down by using a dust rag. To remove some greases and grimes, you are recommended to use a citrus cleaner. Citrus does not damage the cabinet finish.

For shiner look, you may use natural beeswax to rub the cabinets. Of course, before rubbing the cabinets, you need to make sure that the cabinets are free from any dust and dirt. Homemade polish for cabinets, by mixing olive oil, pure lemon oil, and white vinegar, can also make the Oak kitchen cabinets shiner.

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