6 Great Ideas You Can Apply for Small Kitchens

There are so many kitchen ideas for small kitchens that you can apply. So, no need to worry if your kitchen is small and cramped. Many ideas help maximize and bring illusion. What the things can you directly apply to kitchen area?

kitchen ideas for small kitchens

1. Use a light or bright color to kitchen walls. A dark color is not a good answer for small kitchen. Not only for walls, apply a light and bright color to all elements such as furniture. Change the color of counter and cabinet with lighter shade. Why should avoid dark colors? These aren’t a good option since able to absorb light.

2. A classic problem of small kitchen is a limited workspace. Use mobile carts as one of kitchen ideas for small kitchens. A mobile island can be a great addition as a workspace and extra storage, the most important, it can movable after use.

kitchen ideas for small kitchens

3. Consider to hang open shelving to create an open feeling. These won’t be easy since requires high attention.

4. A primary requirement for small kitchen is neatness and organized. In this matter, avoid overcrowded impression. Hide or store away unnecessary items in the storage furniture, kitchens will appear larger with clear and neat counters.

As one of kitchen ideas for small kitchens, choose creative storage solutions such as knife drawers, built-in spice and sliding drawers to create a different and unique appearance.

5. Fill in small kitchen with too many large appliances will be a huge problem. These need extra storage, meanwhile small kitchen only have limited storage. As the best solution, narrow down your choice to the small appliances.

It’s okay to have several large appliances, but make sure the storage able to accommodate them. Store all appliances after use because it will create a neatly arranged kitchen.

6. The last action of kitchen ideas for small kitchens is providing an adequate lighting system. Small kitchen must be reachable by natural sunlight, but in this case, you can install extra windows or create a skylight. Choose unique and beautiful artificial lighting such as overhead lighting or pendant lighting.

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