How to Get New Knobs for your Kitchen Cabinet

If you are going to update the kitchen cabinet, don’t forget to replace the old hardware including the knobs. New knobs will turn your cabinet looks like a new one. However, choosing kitchen cabinet knobs is an easy decision because there are four factors you have to consider, start from finish, design, size and style.

kitchen cabinet knobs

Consider all these factors in order to make a good choice. If you are difficult choosing the best kitchen cabinet knobs, read all steps below carefully!

1. The first thing you have to remember when choosing cabinet knobs, they should match to the style of your kitchen. Choose a style or finish that is the same to cabinet condition. It doesn’t mean have to be identical, but at least they are matching each other.

2. Since you will use cabinet more often, choose knobs that bring comfort. Knobs are available in different options and everyone has their own taste. Before spending your money to make a purchase, you must test out the knobs.

kitchen cabinet knobs

Some factors need to consider are:

A. The knobs must easy to use, even for tiny hands of young children.

B. The knobs must easy to use for everyone, especially elderly family members

C. Choose knobs with soft edges that make your hands feel comfortable.

D. Choose knobs that easy to grab, non-slippery even when your hands are damp or wet.

3. Choose fancy knobs if you have simple cabinet in the kitchen. They are a great choice to bring different impression and help liven up your kitchen.

4. Simple knobs are a good choice if you have a fancy kitchen cabinet. They can make a good combination.

5. Knobs are available in different prices, start from cheaper to expensive. Even though you choose the cheaper knobs, you are going to buy a lot of them and spend more money. So, prepare your budget!

6. After getting what you want, go home immediately and make a test. Install kitchen cabinet knobs, try to grab and use them. How do you feel? Make sure your hands feel comfort.

Knob is a part of kitchen cabinet hardware and not easy to pick the best one. Follow all instructions above!

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