How to Get the Best Hinges for your Kitchen Cabinet

Updating kitchen cabinets can be done by replacing old hardware with the new ones. One part need to be changed is hinges, they are part of kitchen cabinet hardware. Even though updating kitchen cabinets can be treated as a DIY project (Do It Yourself), it’s hard to install the hinges.

kitchen cabinet hinges

Since kitchen cabinet hinges are available in many options, you must be careful when making a choice especially finding the fit one. There are few things you need to remember, especially when looking for the best cabinet hinges.

1. If your kitchen cabinets will display visible hinges, a simple thing you need to do is choosing hinges that perfectly blend with overall design plan. For example, if you want to build a modern kitchen, choose hinges in modern style.

In this case, hinges must customize with kitchen decor and not create something contrast. For example, please avoid modern hinges if you want to create a traditional appearance to the cabinets.

2. The second thing you need consider is the hinges must fit in with handles and pulls. Yup, in this case you have to find kitchen cabinet hinges that create unify look with pulls and handles that have been installed. If these parts look contrast, it will create inconsistent look and ruin your style.

Pulls and handles can give you an idea when choosing the best hinges for cabinets.

3. The last thing is ensure the hinges run their function. The best kitchen cabinet hinges must perfectly work, which allows you open the doors easily and without any trouble at all. Ensure the hinges are durable in several years.

In this case, you have to find high quality hinges. No problem to spend more money because high-quality hinges have expensive prices, but they can be a good investment.

Hinges are small part for kitchen cabinet, but they can give a huge influence. So, be careful when selecting kitchen cabinet hinges. Not only thinking about functionality, consider overall design of your kitchen too. If you are difficult to make a choice, take a look at handles and pulls of your cabinet.

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