How to Get Affordable High Gloss White Kitchen Doors

Updating cabinet doors is an affordable way to create a new look without need to buy a new cabinet. Moreover, many cabinet manufacturers are producing replacement doors, so homeowners can customize their cabinets as they pleased. Among available products on market, homeowners pay big attention to high gloss white kitchen doors.

high gloss white kitchen doors

Of course, these doors able to bring a new look into kitchen decor even they can give an added value. On market, high gloss kitchen cabinet doors are split into four different materials and available in various colors, one of them is white.

You can get high gloss white kitchen doors in an affordable way without need to spend a lot of money and only use existing cabinet doors. How? Just giving a new paint and finish, take this project as DIY (Do it Yourself).

high gloss white kitchen doors

1. The first thing is removing the doors off the cabinets by using screwdriver, do the same thing to the hardware (handles and hinges). Store the hardware in a container if you intended to use them once again.

2. Use the deglosser to clean out the doors thoroughly. Before cleaning out, protect yourself with a nylon scourer and rubber gloves. Use clean water to rinse the doors and take a soft cloth to dry entire surface.

3. Check over the entire surface of doors if there is any imperfection such as scratches or dents. Apply wood putty to dents or scratches, wait until dry off.

4. Buy 150-grit sandpaper to sand all the entire surface of doors, do not forget to wear dust mask.

high gloss white kitchen doors

5. Apply a coat of primer paint onto the surface and along the grain of the wood. Wait until dry. Avoid bubbles when painting the doors.

6. After the primary paint is dry, use 220-grit sandpaper to sand the doors and clean the surface with a soft cloth. Apply once again a coat of primer paint and wait until dry.

7. Sand again using 220-grit sandpaper and clean the surface with soft cloth. Please apply two coats of high-gloss white paint. Wait until dry and please sanding between each coat. This activity may drain your energy, but this is the key to obtaining high quality glossy.

This is the trick how to get high gloss white kitchen doors. It’s easy to try!

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